Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WHAT exactly is Exfuze Seven + PROformance??

"What exactly is Exfuze Seven + PROformance?"

Seven+ is a pure 100% natural product that combines the most legendary, sought after botanicals (otherwise known as superfoods) of the world.
Our product is extracted from organic, wild-crafted whole plants, and is 100% natural - we even have a natural, vegetable-based preservative! Our patented extraction process takes the very best nutrients, (phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals antioxidants, omegas of the foods) from the natural, whole plant and because they are in extract form and mixed with functional water, it is absorbed into the body at the cellular level, and is 40% more effective than anything else you can ingest into your body!
There simply is nothing like it anywhere.

Seven+ includes:

• Acai – Jewel of the Amazon. Known for fighting premature aging.
• Goji Berries– From the Himalayans in Asia. Possibly the world’s greatest answer to anti aging.
• Gac – Native to Southeast Asia. Linked to enhanced immunity, and vascular and cellular rejuvenation.
• Noni – Found in the Pacific and the West Indies. Been used for many centuries as a tonic to contain fever, treat eye, skin, gum, and throat problems, as well as relieve stomach pain, constipation and respiration difficulties.
• Fucoidan – Used for years across the Asian Continent. Is known to have tremendous anti-inflammatory and body detoxification capabilities.
• Mangosteen – Native to the Sundra Islands and in Southeast Asia. Fights free radicals and is also known to be a powerful antioxidant.
• Seabuckthorn – Native to Central and Southeast Asia. This fruit has been called nature's multi-vitamin. Also contains antioxidant properties, critical to cardiovascular health
SEVEN doesn’t just include these amazing superfoods, it also contains three more ingredients - pomegranate, aloe vera and blueberries. Both pomegranate and blueberries are loaded with antioxidants, and aloe vera has been known to help with digestion - actually anything at all to do with the stomach, and also supports the immune system.
The PROformance also contains a special blend called the eXboost, formulated by world renowned pharmacologist, Dr. Jim Jamieson, that, in summary,
* helps to lower cortisol,
* raises & modulates testosterone,
* removes liver fat/support liver health
* has co-enzyme Q6 - Q10
* contains the highest natural-occurring source of resveratrol (a woman's best friend!)
* helps purify the body

The Seven products help fill in the nutritional holes in our body to help repair, regenerate and maintain our body, while helping to balance our hormones that are out of whack in most cases, and helps us feel GREAT again, as we all should!!

Our PROformance is BSCG-certified - (the Banned Substance Control Group) which means there is NOTHING in our product that will test positive for any type of performance enhancing drug (which is important for a student/professional athlete)

What are some of our PERSONAL testimonials??

Better, Quality Sleep (and GREAT dreams!)
More Energy
Boosts Metabolism
Better Skin & Hair
Faster Recovery from Workouts
Works Great for headaches, stomach issues including acid reflux, gerd...
and it tastes DELICIOUS!

Simply put, there isn’t a person on the planet that shouldn’t be taking this product every day! My fiance and I love it, the people that are on this product also loves it. If you are interested in trying it out for you or your family, let me know. You’ll be glad you did!


Seven Super Fruits creates Exfuze Seven Plus.

Seven Super Fruits extract in a bottle with no preservatives or added sugars, 100% all natural!

Opportunity knocks! Are you going to answer the door?

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