Thursday, August 2, 2012

Track and Field Schedule! Tune in to see Justin Gatlin & Kellie Wells Go for Gold

Tune In to See Justin and Kellie Go for Gold! 
As you have probably heard, the last few weeks have been very exciting for our company. We have pledged our support for Star Athletics, a non-profit track and field organization owned by former United States Olympic Gold Medalist, Dennis Mitchell and his wife, Damu Cherry-Mitchell, who took fourth place in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Star Athletics works with world class athletes and five out of their thirteen athletes are competing in the Olympic Games in London, England! Please join us in cheering on Kellie Wells, Justin Gatlin, Ryan Braitwaite, Churandy Martina and Selim Nurudeen as they go for gold in their respective events!

The schedule times below is London times so check your local listings.

Kellie Wells: Women’s 100m Hurdles
  • August 6 at 10:05a Women's 100m Hurdles - Round 1
  • August 7 at 7:15p Women's 100m Hurdles - Semifinals
  • August 7 9:00p Women's 100m Hurdles - Final
Justin Gatlin: Men’s 100m Dash
  • August 4 at 10:00a Men's 100m - Preliminaries
  • August 5 7:45p Men's 100m - Semifinals
  • August 5 9:50p Men's 100m - Final
Justin Gatlin: Men’s 200m Dash
  • August 7 11:50a Men's 200m - Round 1
  • August 8 8:10p Men's 200m - Semifinals
  • August 9 8:55p Men's 200m – Final
For all the other athletes, please click here for the schedule.
  • Ryan Braithwaite: Men’s 110m Hurdles
  • Churandy Martina: Men’s 100m Dash
  • Selim Nurudeen: Men’s 110m Hurdles
Additionally, you may have heard that publications from around the world picked up and published an article we wrote about some of the aforementioned athletes. Over 465 online publications and television stations ran our story about Justin, Kellie, Ryan and Churandy. The story ran in the Boston Globe, Reuters and the Daily Herald, to name a few, and it even made the top search listings in Google! All of that publicity prompted the International Olympic Committee to reach out to us and ask us to retract the release until after the Olympic blackout period, a stipulation of Rule 40, which was put into place for this year’s Games. In order to comply with IOC regulations and ensure the good standing of the athletes, we have retracted the press release until after the Olympic blackout period, at which time we will work with the IOC to redistribute an updated release. In the meantime, pictures from the release of Justin and Kellie holding eXfuze products have been springing up all over the place, including the front of the Thomson Reuters building in Times Square! Check out the images here and here.

Finally, we’d like to make you aware that we have added the Dr. Michaux video to the Distributor Back Office and made it available for download so you can burn it to a DVD or a flash drive and take it with you wherever you go! Simply right-click on the link and click “save link as” to download the file.

We hope you’ll be cheering for Kellie, Justin, Ryan, Churandy and Selim while they go for gold in London! Let’s help make eXfuze a gold medal company!

Click link below to read Yahoo article on why Justin Gatlin and Kellie Wells are running with eXfuze PROformance Seven+ GreenZilla and Focus by their side!
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