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Olympic Atheles Endorsed eXfuze Products

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  1. 2012 Olympic Athletes Go For Gold With eXfuze By Their Side
  2. eXfuze Launches NEW YOU TUBE Channel, WEXBN (World eXfuze Broadcasting Network)
    with a new Dr./Chiropractor Testimonial Video

Star Athletics Founders Dennis and Damu-Cherry Mitchell, along with their 2012 Olympic Medal Hopefuls: Kellie Wells, Justin Gatlin, Ryan Brathwaite and Churandy Martina are eXfuze’s July Heroes of the Month 
2012 Olympic medal hopefuls Kellie Wells (100m hurdles) and Justin Gatlin (100m dash) are on the road to gold with eXfuze by their sides…and in their pocket…and in their gym bags. In fact, they don’t seem to leave home without eXfuze’s PROformance, Focus or Green Zilla products.
Every four years, the best athletes in the world have a chance to show what they’re made of, and to put their hard work and grueling training regimens to the ultimate test. For some athletes, the difference between winning and losing is only a hundredth of a second. Kellie Wells and Justin Gatlin are two such athletes.
After a devastating hamstring tear at the 2008 Olympic trials and being told that she would never run again, Kellie Wells, who turned 30 years old this month, went on to win her first national title in June of 2011 with a personal best of 12.50 seconds. In fact, since her injury, she has continually defied expectations, and credits PROformance as a key to her ability to come back the way she did.
And what a comeback it has been. Wells recently captivated the world when she defeated the 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist and current World Champion hurdler from Australia, Sally Pearson, at the Crystal Palace in London on July 14th. Little Kellie Wells, one of the smallest hurdlers to compete, became the second contestant in 34 heats to finish ahead of Pearson. (Click here to read about Wells’ victory over Pearson).*
Going to compete and serve my country in the Olympics has been a dream of mine since I was a child and it’s finally coming together. Because of eXfuze’s PROformance and Zilla, I have the endurance and recovery I need to power through my training and be at the top of my game so I can be a hero to myself, my peers, the youth and the community. Thank you, eXfuze, and GO USA!” says Wells.(Click here to hear how Kelly uses PROformance).*
Joining Kellie Wells at the 2012 Olympic Games in London is the fastest man in the United States and 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist, Justin Gatlin. During his qualifying heat in Eugene, OR, Gatlin ran the fastest 100 meters in his career, clocking in at 9.80 seconds, a full .05 seconds faster than his gold-medal time and the fastest time in history for a man over 30 years old. (Click here to read about Gatlin’s triumphant return to the Olympic Games on the front page of USA Today).*
“In the world that I live in, speed and time are very important. My job on a good day lasts 9 seconds, so I need to be sure that the things I take work quickly and with perfection. That's why I never race without my Zilla! It gives me the energy I need to do my job! Also, Premium Focus and PROformance help me to replenish my nutrients and increase my mental alertness! I am Justin Gatlin, America’s hope for gold in the London Olympics! Go USA! And Go eXfuze!” says Gatlin.
Wells and Gatlin are among several top athletes around the world who are coached by the 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist, Dennis Mitchell. “As a coach of today’s track and field Olympians, I need to have focus and energy! With the help of eXfuze, that is not a problem! I start each day with a shot of Zilla, a shot of PROformance and a shot of Premium Focus and I'm off! In London, I will be ready for the best coaching of my life and eXfuze will be with me!” says Mitchell.

According to Mitchell, the weather was cold and wet during the trials in Oregon, and several athletes were suffering from flu-like symptoms. “We ordered some extra PROformance and it helped us all get through the meet. Justin even set a record! We couldn’t have done it without eXfuze!” said Mitchell. (Click here to watch the video of Kellie Wells winning her Olympic qualifying race in Eugene, OR).*
Dennis Mitchell and his wife, Damu Cherry-Mitchell are the Founders of Star Athletics, a non-profit organization that works with world-class athletes from all corners of the globe , and this year, five out of their thirteen athletes are Olympic bound. Damu Cherry-Mitchell, 100m hurdler for Team USA, came in 4th and lost to the Bronze Medal winner by .01 seconds at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In April of 2011, Damu sustained an Achilles injury, and despite showing promise in her recovery, she made the difficult decision to take herself out of the running for this year’s Olympic Games in order to help her husband manage Star Athletics and coach its athletes.
“As an Olympian, I have had the opportunity to serve my country and I know how important it is to remain at the top of your game. In track and field, our job is to be the best we can be for seconds at a time. eXfuze helps me on a daily basis to be the best I can be. Thanks to eXfuze, we will be at our best in London and I will do my best to make sure our team has what we need to bring home the gold. Go USA!” says Cherry.
Accompanying Dennis and Damu on the road to gold, are two athletes managed by Star Athletics; Ryan Brathwaite, a men’s 110-meter hurdler from Barbados who won the World Championships in Berlin, Germany in 2009, and Churandy Martina, Netherlands’ top sprinter and the 2012 200-meter & 4x100m European Champion. Both are among the five athletes coached by Dennis and Damu-Cherry Mitchell, who will be competing in this year’s Olympic Games. Both Brathwaite and Churandy are hoping to bring home the gold for their respective countries and are counting on eXfuze products to reach their goals.
“I am a world class hurdler and it's important for me to stay focused as I travel and compete around the world. eXfuze products help me get through the day safely and naturally. I will be using eXfuze products to help me at the London Olympic Games.” says Brathwaite.
“As an international athlete who travels the world, I am in need of products that are healthy for my body and work fast! eXfuze PROformance is the product that I choose! It has all the things that I need to help me get through the tough days of competitions! I am about to compete in the 2012 London Olympic Games and I will be armed with eXfuze!” says Martina.
“At eXfuze, we set out to create the best natural multi-botanical products the world has ever seen.” says Don Cotton, Co-Founder and CEO of eXfuze. We are excited to work with Star Athletics and the incredible athletes they train, and we are extremely proud of their accomplishments. We’re looking forward to watching Kellie and Justin, as well as Ryan and Churandy, bring home the gold!” added Cotton.

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Dr. Kurtis Michaux of Michaux Family Chiropractic Challenges Doctors to Discover the eXfuze Difference
Recently, eXfuze sponsored a track and field event in Clermont, Florida. This event hosted some of the world’s best athletes, including Kellie Wells and Justin Gatlin, who will be competing in this year’s Olympic Games. Our very own Renee Page traveled to Clermont to represent eXfuze at the event. While there, Renee conducted a series of interviews with eXfuze customers and distributors, athletes and even people who tried eXfuze products for the first time that day! Also on site at the event was Dr. Kurtis Michaux, Chiropractic Physician and owner of Michaux Family Chiropractic. Dr. Michaux has been stocking and selling eXfuze products in his office since May of this year, and in only a few short weeks, his patients who used the products were coming back and telling him of their amazing experiences. Renee had a chance to catch up with Dr. Michaux after the event. Renee filmed a brief interview with Dr. Michaux, conducted by eXfuze Independent Distributor, Miriam Moss. The interview was filmed at Michaux Family Chiropractic, where Dr. Michaux endorsed eXfuze products and urged other doctors to try the products and experience the amazing results for themselves. 

Dr. Kurtis Michaux, Chiropractic Physician and owner of Michaux Family Chiropractic in Clermont, Florida, first ordered eXfuze products in May of 2012 based on the recommendation of one of his assistants. Within only one month, Dr. Michaux's patients were coming back to buy more products and share their incredible experiences and results. In June of 2012, eXfuze sponsored a track and field event for the 2012 US Olympic Team in Clermont, Florida, only a few short miles from the Michaux Family Chiropractic office. eXfuze Marketing and Branding Director, Renee Page was there to organize an interview with Dr. Michaux, conducted by eXfuze Independent Distributor, Miriam Moss. During the interview, Dr. Michaux endorsed eXfuze products and urged other doctors to try the products and experience the amazing results for themselves. Watch this video below with Dr. Kurtis Michaux interview and his endorsement of the eXfuze products. After completing watching the video click the link to learn more eXfuze Raw Materials 

Click on the video below to watch Dr. Kurtis Michaux Chiropractic Physician talk about his experiences and why he endorsed the eXfuze products!

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