Monday, August 24, 2009

Robert A Shepherd

10 Ridiculous Reasons You Should Not Get A Blastoff Website.

Hello everyone. I know you are tired of seeing all those people talking about Blastoff this and Blastoff that. I don't blame you. Here are 10 reason not to get your own Blastoff site. Feel free to comment and add your own. Thanks in advance.

1) You don't like Free Checks in the mail Blastoff pays you buy check whenever you have generated at least $20 in earnings. So if you don't like getting checks in the mail from when you or other people purchase, don't get a Blastoff site.

2) You don't like having Fun Blastoff is Fun. I am listening to free music while I am writing this and last night I was playing Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong was dropping barrels on my head but that is beside the point.

3) You don't like FREE Right now to get a Blastoff site, it's Free. You would rather pay for every thing. I usually think something is up when someone wants to give me something for free. How much did you pay for your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace page? How much are they paying you again?

4) You don't like GamesYour motto is work work and work. You know what they say about all work and no play. You might say " I like challenging games". Guess what, Blastoff has that too. Like soduku, Blastoff has that and many more.

5) You like missing your favorite shows Blastoff has HULU which lets you search for your favorite shows and movies to watch from the same page that you have your Facebook page up on.

6) You like paying Full Retail Blastoff stores have great discounts with the codes already there for your discounts AND they send you a percentage back. That's just crazy.

7) You don't believe your friends and family should save either Blastoff allows you to share the "wealth" with your friends and family. They can save and benefit just like you. Don't be selfish and share.

8) You like being on Facebook ALL DAY and recommending it to others for FREE Look, I know some of you THINK you work for FACEBOOK but you don't. How much have they paid you for all the people you have told about FACEBOOK? I can tell you, ZERO. Here's your chance to get that or some of that money for helping other people shop, save and make money. Fyi, you have access to your FB page right from your Blastoff site.

9) You have too much on your plateI think this is my personal favorite. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing everyday but expecting a different result. Why do you think 5 years from now you will have more time. It's FAST, FUN and FREE. Just do what you normally do and just tell someone about your site. Don't complicate the simple.

10) You are a current student with difficult classes That's fair but once again, you are on FACEBOOK all the time. Why not generate some money to help pay for tuition, book and beer. Now should only be drinking beer if you are 21 and older :).So, with that said, go and get you own BLASTOFF site. Feel free to add more and leave comments. Get your Blastoff site here

Make it a Great Day!

Rob Shepherd

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